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Patients can exercise whilst undergoing traction - this speeds up the rehabilitation process

The DBS rail is attached to the Vertetrac to treat scoliosis

Vertetrac was developed to bring relief to people suffering from lumbar spine related injuries and disorders including: herniated discs (better known as slipped discs), lower back pain, sciatica (LBP) and scolisis if used in conjunction with the DBS rail, based on a breakthrough concept.  The device is a patented ambulatory traction system offering ‘traction on the move’ as an alternative to surgery, body braces, or traction bed treatments.

What really sets Vertetrac apart from other lumbar spine treatments is its ability to enable traction in three dimensions.  In effect Vertetrac combines conservative traction with a horizontal force. It is this unique combination that enables simultaneous 3D traction and asymmetrical traction if necessary.

Vertetrac has another main advantage - the treatment sessions are significantly shorter and can be submitted through minimal disturbance in a patient's daily routine (less than 30 minutes per day). What’s more, patients wearing the device have the freedom to move and perform light activities during treatment including walking, standing or sitting.  Indeed patients often walk on a treadmill during treatment to speed up the rehabilitation.

Vertetrac is easy to use.  Patients enduring long-term care can be taught to administer self-treatment at home. Treatment and recovery, as a result, become more convenient and patients feel they have more control over their lives.

Small compact size saves valuable clinic space – being a small and compact, the Vertetrac does not take up valuable space in the clinic or at home. Some Vertetrac users with chronic back problems carry a unit with them while travelling to continue treatment.                                                                                        


Sciatica, herniated discs (slipped discs), scoliosis and more are all treated by the Vertetrac


Lumbar spine traction in three dimensions with the Vertetrac®: vertical, horizontal and asymmetrical.

The traction is individually adapted to the patient’s needs.

Asymmetric traction is possible with the Vertetrac